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Tonight at 8 p.m. ET, the President will address Congress and detail his plan to bring stability and security to Americans who have insurance and affordable coverage to those who don’t. You can watch the speech on television or on, with an exclusive live chat immediately afterwards.

But you don’t need to wait until then to understand what’s at stake. The President has said many times that reform isn’t about him — it’s about a health insurance system that is breaking America's families and small businesses. Millions of Americans have lost coverage, are denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions, and continually watch premiums skyrocket out of control. That’s why Americans want reform and why Congress must act.

Two brave parents who represent these struggles — Laura Klitzka from Wisconsin and Nathan Wilkes from Colorado — will join the First Lady at the Capitol to watch tonight’s speech. Their powerful stories underscore what’s at stake with health insurance reform:

Health Care Stories

Stories like Laura’s and Nathan’s remind us that there isn’t time to wait, and that the status quo is not an option. Tonight, the President will clearly explain what health reform means to Americans — both those who have insurance now and those who don’t. He will also specify what health reform doesn’t mean — clearing up the confusion that has been fomented by the special interests and defenders of the status quo.

Tune into to the speech tonight at 8 p.m. ET. It’s an historic moment you won’t want to miss.

Thank you,

David Axelrod
Senior Adviser to the President

P.S. Don’t forget: as soon as the President finishes his speech, White House Communications Director Anita Dunn will respond directly to reactions and questions in an exclusive live chat. So even if you watch the speech on TV, grab a computer and join the discussion: on Facebook or


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