Organizing for America: The Final March for Reform
Friend --

This is it: After months of hard work, the final vote on health reform in the House of Representatives is expected Sunday. It's a chance to make history and finally give Americans control over their own health care -- but it's shaping up to be incredibly close, and every member of Congress will play a critical role.

So we're aiming for as many calls to Congress as possible from your area before offices close this evening. Whether you've called your representative before or haven't yet spoken out on health reform, it's now time to raise your voice.

As an active constituent, your voice has particular weight with your representative -- so all those who share our commitment to reform are depending on you to speak up.

Click here to look up your representative's phone number and make a call.

This is it: Call Your Representative

After a century of false starts and a year of grueling negotiations, we may be just hours away from real health insurance reform in America.

But if we fail, our next chance may not come for a generation.

You make the call.

Call your representative right away. Folks across the country will be calling, so if you get a busy signal, please try again. Look up your representative's phone number here:

Let's win this thing,

David Plouffe


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