The night that's inside can't see the daybreak The Sun and the Moon can never be friends There's nothing outside but cold and heartbreak I don't want that pain again ...I don't think I could pretend .that I could survive. It was one of those quiet nights when the world seems to be at peace with itself. I was up and screaming in an instant when a semi-large spider crawled across my chest- I trapped herinside extremely careful not to let it go.I should have just put her out of misery but I was a big bad human and no spiderwas going to scare me and get away with it. I began with the raid again until it was clear that she couldn't take much more ... I wish now that I would have stepped back and looked at myself but I just couldn't let it go I had decided that I needed o rinse the raid off her so that she might last longer that was what I did.

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